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Marc Anthony Responds to the Evelyn Lozada Dating Rumors

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Marc Anthony dating rumor, singer songwriter producer and a playboy to the ladies has been in the headlines lately, according to many blogs he is dating Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives but lets be honest isnt more like ex wives???

Evelyn Lozada Makeup Website | Saubhaya Makeup

Evelyn Lozada An American Reality Star  on Basketball wives may have pulleda media stunt on this one …

Evelyn has been linked to French Montana, Carl Crawford, Chad Otrocinco ended badly accusations of abuse have been flagged by fans as a means to an end to sue the him ..Tami Roman and many cast mates know she is quick to go off and fight and she has a child of her own who seems to act more in tune with the fact she doesn’t need to fight we can be fair maybe there is more going on than meets the eye.

Marc Anthony Just Beat a Guinness World Record

Now I didn’t want to say Evelyn was with Marc because I am someone who admires Marc Anthony as a artist now as far as the past there has been things said he was with Jada Pinkette Smith while married to J Lo and he was a boy of Will Smith!


No one is perfect Jada said on her Red Table talk show at this time she was addressed the August Alsina r&b singer who outed their “Entanglement and then profited off it —as well as Jada Pinkette Smith  did  with her show on Facebook were her and her entire family are online interviewing trending celebrities of all walks of life and her children also engage time to time on other topics.


Marc Anthony loves the ladies and the ladies love him he is not a big guy like his counterparts but from what we heard online is that Marc denied cheating with  Jada on a  ABC interview but some do not believe him stating he is a Playboy. After this news came out Marc and J.LO made a joint decision to divorce.

Jada Pinkett & Marc Anthony's Hot Scene From HawthoRNe [VIDEO] - T.V.S.T.

Marc Anthony and Will Smith are friends we do not know if they still talk till this day but the closeness in the photo below can be seen  as more than just friends — At the same time maybe they just love each other and there’s nothing wrong with that right?



      Look at…. The receipt….

Allegedly, Will Smith was filming Hancock and he came home unexpectedly and caught Jada in their home with Marc Anthony behind his back and according to Hollywood Gossip website WIll cried and left as he saw them making love, soon after this discovery word on the street is the show Hawthorne was CANCELLED one could believe this was because of Will Smiths pull in Hollywood trying to save his open relationship marriage allegedly.

Famous and Celebrities: 'Will caught Jada and Marc Anthony in family home': The shock magazine claims sending Hollywood's power couple into a legal spin

Jennifer Lopez was with Puffy then she came out with the J Rule project  J Lo and Marc Anthony, were so beautiful together —to be honest we always knew J Lo like Lori Harvey are Social climbers but i digress the old rumor is Jada Pinkette Smith was caught having sex with Marc Anthony.


Women flock to his concerts sold out he is touring as with speak Marc anthony is a hot salsa singer who has topped charts till this day he also is actor starring alongside Denzel Washington on Man on Fire.

J Lo and Marc Anthony's 'Q'Viva Will go on Despite Seperation

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I do not believe that Marc  was with Evelyn Lozada the reason why is her drama filled personality, she is not the kind of women that Marc Anthony would be with now.


Fans  could believe the Jada Pinkette Smith situation that allegedly was denied by the Smiths in 2014.

Marc Anthony y su nueva novia Evelyn Lozada ¿Una doble de Jennifer López?


Marc Anthony’s rep did finally say that the salsa singer was just allowing her to stay there while he was out of the country some have said he hasn’t been back to the states for a while he has a vigorous work schedule and he is actively touring outside of the US.


Evelyn like anyone, does deserve love the first step is to love yourself first….

What do you think she would know how to act when she finds out another women he is with at the same time?



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