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Loni Loves Comments About Black Men Cheating

Loni Love Says Black Men all cheat

The Daytime Tea time host Lonnie Love has been under fire in 2020 from her comments about submissive females in marriage to the comments made about all black men are cheaters were there was a  a panel of men who came out on Fox Soul channel focused on black love, entertainment and politics it is a new addition to their large network of media channels including radio and Television news and tv series.



Loni Love was very passionate about her concern that Black families were seperated in slavery so this is why there is not true family unit you see in poor neighborhoods to the rich and wealthy.


Loni Love admitted she met James Welsh on a Dating App 

The problem with Loni according to one of the Ghetto Boys rapper Willie D,  who has now a commentary channel he is quite successful with he was appauled Loni would say this when she is dating a white men and he was empathetic to her plight that maybe she has had bad expiereences with black men but not just black men cheat but a man can cheat no matter his color so the statements made were  very biased because Loni Love has given up on dating a black man.

What are you thoughts on this topic ? Do you feel that it is right that Loni Love using her large platform should say that all Black men cheat?



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