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Lizzo Shoots Her Shot at Chris Evans

Lizzo tried it she went on social media after the Marvel action star reposted a girl dancing to Lizzo songs she came at him thirsty and had the nerve to get into his DM’s.The problem is…

Lizzo sends Chris Evans drunken DM and his reply is perfect

Chris Evans  has never liked or dated a women of Lizzo shape, all women are beautiful but not all men are into all women sometimes things have to happen naturally and guess what there was no response after she tried it with the Marvel superstar.



The problem is you have to understand one thing about some people not all people want to sleep with musicians just because they like or repost  your music or content in the matter of Lizzo she should be happy in her truth. Julian Michaels was slammed for going after her because she said she thinks that being fat is unhealhty and that Lizzo was promoting obesity. The internet went crazy but it was coming from a good place for those who are fitness profesisonal and practice a healthy lifestyle to the eyes of those in the field in excercise and nutrition.



For the most part the Avenger is in good health and weight if he wanted to date a bigger women than that is his choice but for Lizzo to put her self out there that way because he reposted is a miscommunication on her part.

During quarentine we all have put on weight and no looks like a super model in real life but every man that wanted her was shot down because she wants a in shape man who is in most people standards highly coveted in one way or another she tried to get at Jordyn Woods the ex friend of the Kardashians and Jenner billionare Kiely Jenne, the same thing happened that time we love her she is a confident successful beautiful black women but not all men will be attracted to you because they liked your song.

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