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Lil Nas X Controversial Video Not for Kids … Pregnant with His Album OMG


Lil Nas X, fooled us all he came out with Old town road and then he started releasing his x rated content that seems to be for an adult audience not for kids, with all the drama i never thought that my son would say he watched the video but to my surprise it was on Tik tok.

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We wont say he is not talented but we will blame the agents and managers who promote him to children his LGBTQ is not the issue its his shameless attention whore mongering…not the only one he has put the Drag race XXX on tv for all eyes to see…

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We should blame the social apps and the big companies for allowing his content to be aired and promoted to children an adult can discern a child cannot but we can also take better care to monitor our children and see to it their innocent minds are not molded to think sexuality is a normality as a child. 

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Lil Nas X net worth is $14 Million after his debut release the song hit the charts and the rest is history the interesting thing is no one read into his name Lil Nas X which should stand for X rated not just an ex  but at the end of the day the rapper has some alliances with the likes of Charlemagne the god as of recent the radio host went at Boosie during a radio interview.

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Old town road was the beginning but in the end we see there is always more the shoes with blood the pregnancy post all to spark controversary he is not the only one using this tool to use this tactic most of the time people in the music industry use methods that target a 

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