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LIL KIM Music Review

KIM Season

Lil Kim, has always been the Queen B.

Yes! There will always  naysayers because of the new rappers that have come into the game which we are happy for new female rappers ..

One thing is true we never heard about the jealousy and beef as we do today at the end of the day music is important but when it starts to turn into a fight it gets pretty crazy!


At the time of Kim reign she put the rap game on its head with a rapper who was sexy not a tom boy no pun intended to those who did their thing , Kim came out with Junior Mafia and Puffy draped in furs and diamonds and rich and success followed her just Nicky and Cardi have experienced.

Let’s be real can they spit better than Lil Kim?

Kim Season has Multiple songs that are hot as fire and we plan on showcasing this Mixtape to increase her chances of having a fair trial she has worked so hard to make it possible for women to speak their truth and not be shamed at it she opened up doors and all the girls in the rap game try to emulate her and it’s obvious.


Issue is Nicky was a new artist and Baby Cash Money Billionaires CEO,  at working with LIL kim they shelved her project but allowed Nicky to listen and use some of the music style on her debut album some say its lies some actually believe Nicky admired LIL KIM .

We also have to think about the deal nicky has compared to KIM she was in the time of the messed up deals where artists were slaves now she is Independent and still has foreign horses in the driveway.


Fast forward to today and Nicky is Worth 75 million!

The issue is Baby from Cash Money knew what he was doing to these ladies and it may work for selling records but it will make Nicky look as if the big ass and the work done may have increased her chance at the time KIM came out she was a regular girl.


Sad to say now Kim has messed with her face – we still respect her hustle and really do not judge her she still looks sexy and still gets the numbers so why talk about her surgery  when every chick in the game has went under the knife even Mariah Carey..



Music played on this site is not for sales purposes song is a PROMO song Mixtape not for sale

Issue is Lil Kim has the respect from the streets and nicky is known as a Pop/Rapper some most fan’s do not think of them the same but if you look closely its as if Nicky has stolen Kims persona and made her own.

In our eyes Nikky cannot touch Lil Kim lyrically , I would pay good money to watch them go at it in a rap battle.

Nicky has changed to a Lady Gaga style of rap she sounds less urban based on her surroundings but she does have the hit’s but the street’s may like Nicki but the Love Lil Kim!



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