Larsa Pippen and Beaseley are Done and Now he Apolgizes to his Soon to be Ex-Wife and Child

Larsa Pippen was dating Beasely a Basketball playing who did use her to get his name in our mouths but hey he was already successful making it to the NBA he was married and had a little one his baby mother just gave birth to then he started having sex with Larsa Pippen unknown to her Beasely was in a marriage and he was not seperated he jumped from one bed ot the other and now they are done!

Larsa Pippen Cougar

Larsa forgot one Rule in Dating Men if your a rich women or a women who lives a certain way why would you risk dating a man who is a loose end?

Never date down or marry down if your on one level, you have to remember who you are and what benefit it is to you especially if your in the public eye we see it time and time again not just for famous people who seem to live a glamous life Kim Kardashian has been shamed publicly one would say bothe of them were rich but on a mental level Kanye was not the right guy for Kim or they would not be getting a divorce Larsa claims that Kanye is a annoying and called her way too much and then  she was said to be have been with Tristen first and Khloe decided to take him off her hands so who is really friends here? 

The ex wife of Scottie Pippen he of course was not the guy many of us would check for romantically he is no Kobe Bryant in the looks department but he is not a ugly man he is has played with Jordan and is still revelent in the Sports world. 

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