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Kwame Brown VS Boyce Watkins

Boyce Watkins is supposed to be the peoples scholar why is he using stereotypes to describe a man he doesnt know?There has been alot going on Youtube with Boyce Watkins and one can say he should stay in his lane of fianance and education everyone wants to gossip these days and put their two cents in us included at the end of the day when the person is a famous ex NBA star than you may want to think about not because he is famous… it’s about the person. Boyce Watkins, is a educated fool who never understood being black is not just a skin color once he started to speak about Kwame Brown he used the same stereotypes used on black people for decades only making us take a step back. 

Charlamagne Apologizes to Kwame Brown Publicly June 2021


Boyce Watkins and many  entertainment based Youtubers are upset that Kwame the so called bust has made it on Youtube we are happy for him not hate here but some people are upset like Boyce and Charlamagne the God  the whole idea that even “Leonard “has crownies and lackys are behind him working these internet streets all for his benefit doesnt surprise anyone. Viral Hip Hop News is said to be the Second Coming of Breakfast Club they are a duo of two OGOD and SANDMAN are the host and sole creators to their credit they are beasts with this HIP HOP Culture news and they have had celebrities flocking to them with that said  they are friends with Boyce off camera so there is a conflict of interest there at play.

Kwame didn’t say anything bad about the Youtubers he was just wondering why Boyce was on their show.. to be honest i was too he is corny and annoying and said to be a fraud he uses his credit course to sell to black people from asian man Charles Woo who said in a public forum the  program is selling hope not anything that can help african americans build credit and now things look so bad for Boyce because now its known by those who do not watch him or have interest in his platform. 

Youtubers Speak on Kwame  Brown and Friend Boyce Watkins.. Called out for Stirring the Pot Kwame ” I Never Spoke about You in a Negative Light, I feel like Youtube is wierd..

The Youtube channel Viral Hip  said Kwame is just acting this way because may not be able to cope with the new Fame he has but he has always been famous he was on TV as a NBA Star alongside Kobe and lets be real who is a BUST who has the ability to make their dreams come true! It to each its own not many of us have made it to our dreams and to be honest who could be mad at these men for their own opinion? 



Boyce may be their firend but does it mean speak for him when as a man he decided to speak on Kwame how is it your job to defend Boyce he is a Man let him stand on his own words if Kwame does not want to align himself with Boyce on the phone online or anywhere he has a right to it. 


Kwame brown vs Stephen A SMith

Stephen A Smith is also on the chopping block for his hating on the rookie when he was first drafted he was said to go to high schools looking for a narrative to pitch on tv for sensationalism, Kwame believes that because of Stephen A Smiths rheteric he has loss contracts and money being no one else was speaking on him in  negative light and people actually believed him. The problem is African Americans do not stick togeher and so the black on black hate needs to stop and its not physicial it is mental and verbal abuse.

When you think about click bait started before the internet the Sensationalism and propanda can destroy a persons chances in regular work life and also in sports and entertainment and just abotu any business sector.Kwame Brown is no different than the next man he is tired of the manufactured joke  made by the sports commentary community started by Stephen A Smith he is paid to talk greasy and just like Jim Rohn he is about to get what is coming to him…. MAMA’s  Cooking!

Does Youtube have a secret Elite that push the same narrative for Celebs and Public Figures for CLOUT?

The Go along get along gang is anyone  channel or persons who engage in the same opinion ideas and actions of others we are listening to Breakfast Club and we know Charlamagne is a known sex offender who wasnt presecuted but we ban R. Kelly Music for a good reason but not Charlamagne the God?


 Kwame Brown  has been quiet for 20 years and now he is no longer quiet Charlamagne the lesser god has went in on Kwame, poking the bear and waking a sleeping giant the radio host did some digging and said that Kawame Brown whole family has a dark past but it was the wrong move and it was all for views and attention actually what another man does isnt reflection on the next man the sins your father are your sins  not your own.

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