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Kobe Bryants Sister Lashes Out .. Rants on Instagram

Kobe Bryant’s,  siblings have been quiet over the years and now that the untimely death of the late NBA player has passed there is still a pain for his family, as of recent Kobes’s family has no lashed out, to be honest, many think it is long overdue…


Why is it Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and Alicia Keyes spoke at Kobes Funeral and not his sisters, Mother, or Father?

On Feb 24, 2020, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna were laid to rest at the Los Angeles, Staples Center we didn’t see Pamela or Joe Bryant speak at the podium now that Kobe is not here his family has words for Vanesa Bryant if you are not aware there was a rumor going around that Vanessa did not allow his own parents airfare to the funeral of their own son or even offered to allow them to speak omg!

The Ex Lakers NBA player net worth at the time of his death was at and he worked hard for the money, several championships and he retired when he wanted but the problem is why is Vannessa so upset with his family I mean she is the one who has all the money what is it? 

It could stem from her distrust of others with her mother’s public interview who could blame her for her protectiveness of her family she lost her husband and her daughter the same day and it was public! Money can make people change the issue many have is that the funeral was more of a tv event, not a family closed event as many would have been okay no one is judging Vanessa she is still grieving we do not know what happened but there sure a reason for not Kobe seeing his parents all these years. 


Sadly Kobe’s Parents, were seated in the second row of the Funeral at Staples Center could this be the reason there is a family feud? 


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