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LA Lakers NBA Player Kobe Bryant & Daughter GiGi Pass Away In Fatal Helicopter Crash


Kobe Bryant’s family died in a helicopter crash truly sadĀ Kobe Bryant was on his way to a travel basketball game with his daughter Gianna when the helicopter crashed.

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Those aboard the helicopter also included another player and parent. Kobe Bryant a NBA player who has now retired was the only younger player to reach 30,000 career point’s at age 34 years of age.

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Kobe Bryant career and love life has always been an interest to many even as he debuted on the Lakers team he was the prom date of singer Brandy Norwood, he later married his now-wife Vanessa Bryant and leaves 3 other children all-girls his 4th child was with him in the crash that was reported to happen earlier this morningĀ  Bryant died in a fatal Helicopter crash on 1/26/2020 1 day ago he and Lebron James hugged at a game where he was attendance just 24 hours ago.Ā 
Remembering Kobe Bryant: Mural of late NBA star, daughter unveiled at Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island - ABC7 New York
It has been reported that only Kobe and his daughter have passed away this is truly sad.

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The crash was said to be so bad that no one could have survived his daughter Gigi was said to be on the plane but his wife was not so our hearts go out to Vannessa and his family truly sad that Kobe has died in a Helicopter crash people online and offline are shocked, to say the least, due to the girl being so young and Kobe Bryant being larger than life figure off and off-court. here are some of the reactions on Twitter.Ā 

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