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Kevin Samuels Dating Advice Questioned Why Does he Come At Black Women Negatively?

Kevin Samuels has been underfire for his disrespectful comments about women seeking relationships with high value men the relationship coach trends daily on his barading of black women is it just the type of content we love to see well the people have decided that Kevin Samuel roasts women on a live stream for all eyes to see not understanding that their video will trend and go viral for the opposite reason.

We will give anyone props who builds a business from the ground up its is not easy to do Youtube let alone run a business were you create content daily people love to watch …



We are not here to bash him but Dr. Umar Johnson claims he is not going to help anyone because he is a Youtube personality and it’s dangerous to take advice from a man who does all of this for views not for real concrete advice.  There are many good things he saids he keeps it real but the clips he makes publicly are common sense but whos to say he is always right?


kevin samuels cancelled for slamming black women on Youtube


The truth is he is good at what he does all of us have room for error we cant blame him for it all the women have a choice and come on the show for his brand of advice they already know him but hey whos to say he isnt helpinig them we have to remain impartial for the time being but we have to admit his style of advice is unorthodox and radical in a womens eyes as well as some men.

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