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Joe Budden Accused of Sexual Assault on Air WTF?

Joe budden has changed it all up this year leaving Rori and Mal behind and adding new players to his Joe Budden Podcast Network,Now that the smoke has cleared this is fire and its coming from a ex employee.


According to Olivia, Joe “continually made sexual remarks towards me which made me feel uncomfortable” while at her job. The uncomfortable moments were all captured on video as she worked as an on air correspondent on the Joe Budden Network. The women explained in the the video,  she felt uncomfortable…



                                      Who would it be cool ? Its your boss! Not your lover so why would anyone want a hug like that?

Joe budden saids no to love with Cyn Santanna after the baby

The problem is that Joe Budden should be ready for some backlash from the powers that be. Is it just a considence of course not im sure the women thought about it long and hard before she made the video and we could say it was just a hug but it is against the law to touch someone without permission and this is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


On social media many people are concerned it was not all that serious is this the age we are in anytime a blackwomen or any women saids she has been mistreated its all her fault this is why the METOO movement became so big there has to be accountability just because your famous doesnt mean you can touch anyone the way you want and just cause your a man doesnt mean


Joe Budden did grind on her what would you do if this happened to you at work?

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