Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris speak on September 12, 2020, in Houston, Texas, after the third Democratic primary debate of the 2020 presidential campaign season hosted by ABC News in partnership with Univision at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. - Biden named Harris, a high-profile black senator from California, as his vice presidential choice on August 11, 2020, capping a months-long search for a Democratic partner to challenge President Donald Trump in November. (Photo by Robyn Beck / AFP)
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Joe Bidens Vice President Pick Kamala Harris

Joe Bidens Presidential Nominee is Kamala Harris and now we have to decide who to vote for this coming election policies are being compared and good and bad press has come to the now sitting Preident Donald Trump the commander in cheif claims he will move out of america if Biden wins the Presidency.

Trump calls Kamala Harris 'the kind of opponent everyone dreams of' - POLITICO

Remember this video from The View and Kamala Harris Key differences with Joe Biden about Segration in America  she dicussed with Ms. Mccain and unapologetic republican. 

One thing we can say is Biden is loved for his sons dedication to the country fighting in wars and coming home to their father who cared for one of his sons injured in battle.

Kamala Harris VP pick gets warm reaction in India

Trump has been less than nice about men who have been captured as POW’s like the late Senator of Arizona John McCain. Donald Trump claims anything that is reported is fake news he also has made a grave mistake with his speeches on the Pandemic acting as if it was nothing serious and using Dr Fauci’s private advice and opinion as Medical opinion lets just be honest no one thinks Donald Trump is transparent in anyway.

Kamala Harris “Opposed to federally mandated Bussing” Completly on the other side of the aisle

Kamala Harris does not have a great record with her black community she is trying to hard with her timberland boots and its just as bad as Hilary with her hot sauce maybe it is true .. Kamala Harris has been a California Attorney General and San Francisco District Attorney she has education unlike Trump the commander in chief.

Joe Biden and Kamala would have been on opposite sides of the spectrum forty years ago in the past those that run america would have voted to keep people of color seperated this affadavit when to the Supreme court for the desegration of schools and bussing in America she did say this is something we disagree on not that we cannot get along.

Lets say it is not true but it sure seems like all of sudden when someone runs for office rappers entertainers seem to go way to far and we now know its probally money involved.

Kamala Harris's husband and potential 'second gentleman' - BBC News


Kamala Harris is not married to a black man but a white man many minorities do not believe she understands the real isssues in america because of this reason but is that a valid reason not to vote Biden and Kamala ? 

Biden and Harris have awful records. Trump is making it easy for me to vote for them anyway. | Business Insider India

Donald Trump has had no shame for his scandals with his lawyer to his using campaign funds for sex with the likes of Stormi Daniels and his past dealings with women and people of color.

Many people have come to terms with the fact that Trump may have cheated to win some believe his russian connection is based on his family dealings in the past as he was married to his first wife Ivanka Trump he and she divorced and he later married his now wife who many claim has a sketchy past there is no hard evidence besides a few photos of her as a model but hey people this is the first lady we are talking about all is accusations nothing has ever been proven.

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