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J.Lo and Alex Rodriguez Broke Up …Now she is Dating Ben Affleck WTF

J.Lo has been the talk of the town first her and Alex say they are splitting up then they said they got back together then they broke up..


Now that J. Lo has moved on she has been comforted by Marc Anthony but there is a whole story behind it right now. Jennifer Lopez has two children with Marc Anthony she is still very close to him but now that she is not with Arod she has run back to the arms of the one who lover her.. yes she did, alot of fans are divided on Jenny from the block leaving the baseball star. The issue with A rod we knew it would not last he has this type and guess what its not afro latina of course Jennifers looks seemed tanned but her background is puerto rican so we all know that is not caucasion well the word on the street is that Alex was cheating on Jennifer so of course he had to go!


Word on the street is that Lopez and Affleck have reunited so we will see what happens Alex Rodriguez was very upset about the idea of his new ex GF being with her ex boyfriend we are not sure what to say besides we kinda lik Ben and Jennifer Lopez we cant wait to call them Benifer again i miss there photos we have J Lo looking all urban and we have Ben Affleck looking all good with his smoldering look so we cant wait to see what happens next!


It is more than  likely it just did not work romantically after all the stars were not aligned for the main reason there may be some federal charges for the Ex baseball star shamed for steriod usage  many were waiting for the post to come out they were splitting to bad the rock is not single because they would be a cute couple too just my thoughts it is rumored A-rod may have been stepping out on J.Lo..

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