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Gospel Truth of DeVon Franklin Divorce from Actress Meagan Good

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Devon Franklin and Meagan Good Marriage is Over
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A preacher a man of God who is a Meagan’s ex- husband a devout 7 Day Adventist Christian he has been married to Meagon for 9 years and has filed for divorce and people are talking they were unequally yoked?

A Twitter post about their amicable e separation was posted days ago and now people are ripping her apart saying she was not the right one for Devon because she likes to drink and smoke and live the way she wanted before she met her preacher who god told her that my husband and he was for 9 years.

Halloween she was in a provocative outfit two months later divorced, we do have a bet interview were Davon said Meagan was withholding sex Meagan vs the church as Davon was on the show with Potters house he was called out for allowing his first lady to be a harlot before the eyes of men women and children

Meagan’s new show is over the top and she is looking crazy now with the for the streets mentality then we hear of the Divorce this news was released months ago people ignored it so did I mainly I thought it was a malicious rumor the issue is that she is married and she is eating buddy and sleeping around on the show and lesbian her name is Camille Parks she is using my name in the wrong way honey she needs to stop using that name for sure but glad it is a fictional character.

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