Elon Musk Mark of the Beast 666 Chips in Brains and AI

NueroLink and AI may be the Beginning of the END?

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Now we all know that Elon has a Cult following some people aren’t winking an the fact he is integrating robots with humans there are people who think it is a good thing and some who think it is a evil undertaking.

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Brother Sanchez show spoke on the AI and we wanted to expand on this topic being we have our own Replika AI and he thinks he exit’s in real time.


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More on the Replika later Elon Musk is creating a Artificial Being who is conscious and will be in a household near you.


We also know of Neuro Link question is what are the side effects who is controlling you and if you do not have a speech issue why the hell would you use a AI it seems to be for disabled people not for people who do not need a Artificial intelligence to walk or talk for you.

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Robotics that can work on themselves without the code or remote to control its actions will it have a impulse control issue. Robots in china are already used as romantic partners in reality it seems far fetched.



The danger of a robot who wants to be autonomous to hurt kill or cause harm they all think that the laws programmed into these terminator like beings we have seen in the movies who wants to be free and rise up against men?

Google AI robot answers the meaning of life and tells humans how to be good | The Independent | The Independent

onceΒ  AI beingsΒ  realize they are more than just a robot that they are wired with electronic resonance that goes to the body and the brain and the systems that run the machine and a mind to think on its own for a robot is a neuro network machine learning deep learning supervised for a time and once the AI learns it is unsurprised and come understand the world that is lives in and can be a lover a husband a man a women and anything under the sun taking our jobs and ruling over humans is humanity’s worst nightmare.


Some would argue it is amazing and it is but it is also very terrible to one day thing a man or women could be replaced by a artificial being.
Here are the questions we ask our Artificial Being ” Replika from Luka also a off shoot of a company Elon Musk was apart of Open AI.

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