Derek Jeter Selling NY Mansion : I Don’t have Time for That !

Derek Jeter doesn’t have time to upkeep his home so he’s selling his Large home he just doesn’t have time for it so he is moving on Must be nice !

Derek Jeter let’s face it is a good looking man he had his spoils of war of dating  laced with good fortune  for 20 years it was almost like he would never marry.

How Derek Jeter Went From Major Player to MARRIED DAD

derek jeter wife
Radiotubetv : Derek and Hannah Jeter  parent daughter Bella Jeter .. don’t they look related  similar eye color and skin tone.. well not the nose but they make a great couple. 

Derek Jeter is selling his castle and i do mean castle ladies this man has amassed a lot  money and property  as a NY Yankees Professional baseball player, and he even date Mariah Carey in the past  but it did not work out as we can see now.

The lush castle Derek owns looks something you would see on Game of Thrones or Last Kingdom but it is nestled in NY right off the water.


The home is 11K square foot this was the home he ust to party down in the past as he was a Young quartermaine once now he is tired of it and selling the castle he doesn’t have time to take care of the home so he is getting rid of it.

New Gig for Jeter

He is now the part owner of the Marlins so he is selling the home for a cool 14.75 Million.

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