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Demo Lovato Suffers Drug Overdose is Fame Worth it?

Demi seemed to be having a great year!

Hit songs tv appearances and a new sleek look and a voice that has changed for the better not that she could not sing before Demi can sang not sing.

According to TMZ Demi was rushed to hospital due to being found unconscious , and according to authorities it could be Heroin overdose authorities were called and Narc an was provided to get her to come to…

Some people say she was in good spirits at a intimate  party for one of her employees, who work with her own tour and one account stating she was in a downward spiral.

Demi is in stable conditions after Tuesday Morning call to residence in the lush Hollywood Hills.

In the past, Demi  had cocaine abuse in the past and had been sober for years now this is a set back but do stars need to explain their drug abuse when it is so common in this type of industry she is an adult so she can make her own decisions.

According to Mary40’s channels and many more on Youtube this is no more than a MK Ultra attack not to mention the immense pressure of being famous when it comes to the music industry and film entertainment industry is it all smoke and mirrors ?

Demi Lovato may be a another person who has been hytnotized by fame and spit out like a bad habit and used up for Disney and now the Record Labels.

Demi Lovotos overdose was not a surprise to some because of her past issues with drugs but she’s a rock star in parties

 I seen record producers giving molly’s cocaine and anything else they can give you.

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