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Da Brat Goes Off on Deb Antney

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Deb Antney the Talent Manager of the Hip Hop elite and mother of Rapper Wakka Flocca. deb Anthony has also worked with Nicky Minaj and Gucci Mane in the past and still is very relevent in  the rap game. 

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The issue is there was no communication to the established artist’s and the problem is association of their names to the unknown singers and rappers who would engage on the project due to the business side of the business most mixtapes and features are not promoted on the labels side but the name itself and the appearence of the established music artist can boost popularity not to mention it is on TV!

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The problem with the show Growing up Hip Hop is Deb Anthony wants unity with new artist and established musicians like Da Brat and Johnny Blaze have a history of negativity see Johnny came to the studio got upset then threw down Jermaine Dupri Statue in his home other people have moved on but Da Brat was upset about the incident.

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If it doesnt benefit me as hard as I worked I am not with it 

Da Brat 

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Da Brat didnt know about the compilation and didnt know her name was being used to increase the interest in  the complication record of songs. The Legendary female rapper Da Brat  and Bow Wow may not want to be on the record. 

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Johnny Blaze is a great singer and she is not the industry copy cats you hear she has a original sound and she also has been a entertainer in the past she is a  BBW. The problem is Da Brat is no hater she just doesnt want to be on wack record and get throwed in with unestablished musicians and this is  not a bad thing if the chemistry is not there why should an established artist get on the record?

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