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Da Baby has to Beg LGBTQ .. After Second Apology

So after the big momentus moment at his own Concert Da Baby, went on stage and said some shocking comments that has the LGBTQ community up in arms and it has been a conversation being had online by just about anyone who knows who the rapper is, this week he has apologized but not in time for one of the promoters of a concert he had booked with Lalopooza controversial but not the first  time he has been in the headlines. 

Da Baby is a headersexyual man and he has a baby mother and side chicks, and groupies as a rock star rapper musician, we love them for their direct speech does it mean we have to agree with everything a celebrity does no of course not! 


Back in the day i was in school and people were made fun of and beat up and well kids are not nice to each other that being said we may not like what he had to say and we are not sure why he said it the rapper went back to social media after he had the LGBTQ on his back he said the same thing again! 

Are people too sensitive these days should we really be all up in arms over words ? 

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