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Coi Loray Benzino Daughter Clowned for Dead Rolling Loud Set

Coi Loray, female rapper and daughter of a well known rapper and magazine owner and the only man on earth to have a beef with Eminem and losing on repeat. 


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As of recent at the Rolling Loud festival she had a performance and when she performed she had some people in the crowd who were not entertained was it the music was it her she is beautiful and she is proud to be skinny and young and sexy but hey a girl has to get that bag she wasnt at a strip club of course there were shots being handed hope her entourage had some gloves on with this Covid Varient running rapid. 

Coi Leray is Benzinos daughter she like many of those who grew up in a home with a hip hop bread winner as a father im sure she had a blessed life at least finncialy she had nothing to worry about at least from the outside looking in she and her father were both online going at it and to be Honest.Some people are never going to be happy and being rich and famous doesnt mean you have  a perfect life. 


The  hip hop fans came for her because they claim her music was wack but to her credit she had her real fans in the crowd who knew her lyrics at the end of the day they werent feeling her performance and the internet is not letting up on her. We listened and watched the sound was bad th mix was of it sounded really bad to be honest auto tune was a hot mess!



Do you think people are harsh on her because they just do not like her music?

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