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Chet Hanks is Sueing His Black Girlfreind for $1 Million after Assault and Battery

Chet Hanks is a character many people just cant believe he is related to Tom Hanks the latest incident is Chet on Video and he is assaulted allegedly by his live in girlfriend see Chet claims the girl stabbed him with a knife on live but many think he is clout chasing for his new music and film projects.

Top Crazy ThingsWTF Moments of  “Chet Hanks “Did Publicly (Video)

The problem is that Chet is over the age of feeling rebelous if he loves acting and music he needs to focus on that and stop all the online antics he is good looking taking from  his mothers gene pool and his fathers Tom Hanks now at the end of the day he is his own man now and he cannot be expected to live up to the standard of his father can we well we cant exactly but we can say stop it and just be yourself stop being this cartoon character on the Simpsons and tighten it up!

kiana-parker vs chet hanks

Chet Hanks $1 Million  Lawsuit Against his Ex Girlfriend Parker, is a Cringeworthy Attempt to Clout Chase and use trending videos on social media to Build Buzz  for his new music and acting projects listen to his audio on Clubhouse 

chat hanks lawsuit kiana parker

I watched the video of his music and here are my thougths on his White Boy Summer stealing Meghan the Stallions line we aint mad at cha but lets see what he is working with make sure to listen to the in depth review provided in the video as seen above and make sure to leave your review of Chet Hanks Music in the comments or leave us a voice message on Anchor FM or call us Directly on our Radio Station and Leave us a message best comment will win $20 Pay pal money click link below to enter to win after your meet terms and conditions of this contest!


it is quite funny because his father pretends he doesnt exist at least in public life, chet has been saying its a hot white boy summer while megan the stallion has moved on from that moniker so the question is what is the point why doesnt chet just work on his acting and call it a day?

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