Cardi B Blames X- Manager for Offsets Cheating


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This April Cardi  B manager filed a lawsuit for 10 million dollars!

Shaft  stated in the filing that Cardi B. did not pay him for his services, that he was the reason she was signed to Atlantic Records so basically run him his money isn’t it crazy how you get a little money all of sudden now you have the closest betray you ?




Read more here on Cardi B Countersues Her Ex-Manager Shaft for $15 Million | 

Cardi publicly informed us all her manager had been stealing money so she fired him later we find it was because her manager was doing more than manager her rumor has it Cardi B. moved on fast as son as she signed with Atlantic records this is normal for the caliber of talent so now things go south do to the change of a personal manager versus a manager hired by the Record Label aka a Handler.

Offset’s cheating is not his fault “

That’s according to Cardi B., she is a bit of a drama queen but anyways she now has said the reason offset cheated was because of her x manager who was disloyal when her husband continues to cheat again and again how is it his fault that Offset a grown man decided to cheat?

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