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Akon Go Back to Africa?

#Akon actually said Black People go Back to Africa?

Akon has shocked us all its amazing how a rapper/singer was brought in the game with a hood attitude now he has grown into a man with millions behind his name and Now Akon City.

Is is that Akon just knows how to play the game?

Professor Griff has always been that warrior for who was not afraid to say the powers that be rule the rap and music and entertainment sectors and he was removed from Public Enemy.

African americans were never given reparations Italians, jews and indians were given reparations america is not going to do it,akon is not from america he is from senegal and he knows his history…
Vlad TV interviewed Akon and this time some say Vlad and Akon went to Far!

akon city
akon locked up 2
China invested city by akon

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