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Tom and Darcy #90DayFiancee Together Or Not?

90 Day Fiancee Tom and Darcy

Tom goes in on Darcy, because she keeps calling him over and over and the couple is on the rocks. Tom is is not amused and tells her I cant give you what you want.

I am tired of the James Bonds status he portrayed. The inside-source claims that the destination change she just found out about the other women before the trip.

During the  latest bonus episode Darcy was being dogged out by her sister and Tom. Watch Our 90 day fiancee reviews on our main site

Tom is lying about everything and it appears that the British  man Tommy Boy is lying about his home his business and also all the women he claims to have had may be a lie too. The women who was his ex was asked to come to a date for lunch/ dinner then asked to film she never had a relationship with Tom at all so why is TLC doing this for just views only time will tell. 

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