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Vivica Foxx Speaks Out on Jada Pinkete Smith and Will Smith Oscar Drama

There was no Accountability on Jada's Part .. Women are Mad at Her

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Jada Pinkette Smith Has no Accountability Vivica Foxx Goes In Deep
Let’s be honest are we all being hard on Jada Pinkette or is it that we are disappointed if only she was a little more apologetic truth is we do not know how many bad chicks that Will has had he may just keep it a secret, and lets not forget Jada Pinkette Smith was on the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire show and he fell in love with Jada during his marriage to his first wife and very small baby boy.

Jada Pinkette Smith Has been Dragged for her Red Table Talk Smear Campaign why is she still married if she is not Happy?

Let us not forget about Will career taking off on a trajectory no one even saw coming. Jada Pinkette Smith is a talented women in her own right she has been in major motion pictures even now still relevant in the Black Comedy “Girls Trip”  starring with her friend Queen Latifah and other actresses like Tiffany Haddish and Regina Bell.

Vivica A Fox Independence Day/ Resurgence | Ball exercises, Movies and tv shows, Exercise
We have been aware of her no accountability with the slap but lets be real it was Will that did it not Jada and if he wants to stay with her than as man that is his prerogative.


Women are divided on How Cringe Jada’s  Response was to Chris Rock Slap on the First Black hosted Grammy’s truth be told it is NOT Jada’s Fault or is it? 

While we all wanna hate on Jada we have to admit it is not easy to like her when in our eyes she doesnt see what is in front of her does she take for granted she has a successful husband a family a home of her own and security even if the image Will portrays is not reality.


I Am Legend 2 - What We Know So Far
I AM Legend 2 is Coming Soon who will be the Star we hope it is Will Smith there were not charges against him and the men have not Healed (Jada is nuts for saying it) Two men dont like each other welcome to reality!

Will Smith has Lost many deals behind his behavior he has went to India to seek peace some say he left to get away from the Drama that Jada Pinkette Smith has orchestrated on the Entanglement that the world didn’t need to know about..

We can agree Will is Super Rich better than the average Joe and his life bread and butter is his media career the idea that the Red Table Talk Show has opened a Pandora’s box that has made us understand how the fact being successful and rich and famous and accomplished sometimes makes you blind to the fact you have not been there present and now that you are you see that your holding on to the ideal of marriage.


Chris Rock Slap was a ten steps backwards or something that just happened? 


Chris Rock addresses Will Smith Oscars slap during Boston show: 'I'm still processing what happened'
Chris Rock face was funnier than the Joke but maybe one of his best to be clear .. Chris Rock has been rumored to be with Jada Sexually in the past allegedly this is not fact just pure rumor VladTV eluded to the fact that the Smiths have wild Sex parties in so many words but he did not want to say it on air.

Rumor has it Will and Chris have never been cool they are not homeboys not best friends just because they are Bothe famous and black doesnt mean they rock with each other that way. Chris Rock has never been a tough guy and neither has Will Smith we cant say what was going on in his head that night so we are all just making our best judgment for what we have seen and heard the issue many have is that Jada doesnt seem to say anything good about Will so when he jumped to defend his wife from the media hate to Chris Rock  it makes no sense..

Will Smith Chris Rock slap: Tyler Perry shares what he said to actor at Oscars | The Independent
Tyler Perry said Will could not believe he did it .. many think it was planned just like Katt Williams said what do you think was it planned or did it just happen?

what does come up in the rumor mill is that Jada has always cheated  swinging from bed to bed  one way to the other and this is not the first time with August Alsina who has several songs about his tryst with Ms. Smith and also has a book deal in the works

Watch a video of Will Smith sing Esta Rico with Marc Anthony | Miami Herald

Jada Pinkett & Marc Anthony's Hot Scene From HawthoRNe [VIDEO] | T.V.S.T.
It is not my thing to speak on a iconic acting couple, who have had for the most part a good marriage but the reason we are concerned and we feel for Will Smith is because we like him more than Jada some of us grew up on Will Smith and we did like Jada in Set it Off and other shows and movies she had aired on — for what ever reason it is easier for us to say Jada is the bad guy and to be clear we know she has not had it easy after being forced to marry will smith and being a sex addict she admitted she wasnt satisfied with Will and that upset us a lot and then she put August on the show and then she kept talking about her marriage openly..

Independence Day: Vivica A. Fox on Will Smith kiss, Jada Pinkett Smith | EW.com
Marc Anthony, also was rumored to have an affair with Jada and thus he and Jennifer Lopez Broke up more  on this report Watch it on Our Weekly Ear to the Streets Featured News report only on Dailymotion.

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